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*NEW* Amigurumi Guide: Velvet Bunny (pattern compilation)

Hey everyone!

I decided to make a quick post with the notes for making the ears on this velvet bunny.

Base pattern I used is this one by Heart.2.Stitch

I used baby velvet by Bernat for the base and an I 5.5mm clover hook.

For the ears I made 4 panels.
2 in the body color and 2 in the contrasting dusty pink (Vel-Luxe by Lionbrand)

Ear pattern notes:
*You will turn after each row

ch - chain
sc - single crochet
2sc - 2 single crochet in same stitch (increase)
dec - single crochet decrease
fo - fasten off

Ears (make 4 panels)

1. Ch 5. Sc 4 across (4)

2. Ch 1, turn. 2sc, sc across 2, 2sc in last (6)

3. Ch 1, turn. sc across (6)

4. Ch 1, turn. 2sc, sc across 4, 2sc in last (8)

5-12. Ch 1, turn. sc across (8)

13. Ch 1, turn. dec, sc across 4, dec (6)

14. Ch 1, turn. sc across (6)

15. Ch 1, turn. dec, sc across 2, dec (4)

16. Ch 1, turn. dec twice (2)

17. Ch 1, turn. dec (1)

You can then sc the two panels together.
Optional: you can sc around each piece first and then sc or slst (slip sti…

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