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- NEW! -Little Lamb: Amigurumi Guide (pattern link compilation)

Meet my newest little animal!  She's a sheep (with no name ☹ - maybe someone can adopt her and name her? 😉) She will be headed to the shop soon! 
I'm making another pattern link compilation post to explain how I made her. I have used the same base for most of my animals (except the Giraffe and Pikachu that I mentioned in previous posts).
Base pattern:
I start off each leg with black. I stop on ROUND 4. On ROUND 5 I start the tan color and finish the leg.
When I join the legs (ROUND 10) I use white yarn and sc around. Starting from ROUND 11 to ROUND 30 in the pattern, I do the LOOP STITCH. (the link takes you to the YouTube tutorial I used)
1. When you do the loop stitch, the loop will naturally want to go to the back of your work (which is the INSIDE of the Amigurumi/Sheep).  You will want to pull the loop to the front, hold it in place, complete the stitch, insert your hook into …

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